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Ocean State Bird Club aims to connect birders across Rhode Island and Southeast New England through free bird walks, their Young Birders Initiative, and other special events, and to support the education and conservation of wild birds. All are welcome to sign up as a member, and everyone is welcome on any of their free bird walks — member or not!

Coffee plants only grow in the tropics, and these days most coffee farmers cut down all the trees on their plantation to plant the coffee plants. But this leaves no native trees for the birds that rely on them to live! Birds and Beans Coffee is shade-grown, which means the farmers leave an upper story of native trees and plant their coffee plants below — much better for the birds! To learn more about bird-friendly coffee, check out their website. If you win the Mystery Bird Contest, one of your prizes will be a 12oz bag of Birds and Beans Coffee!

Larkwire is an app that teaches you to identify bird songs in a fun, simple, customizable way! With settings catering to beginners or advanced-level birders, and many examples of each species’ song, you’ll be out picking up birds by ear in no time! The app can be downloaded to iPhone or Android devices, or used on a computer via the Larkwire website. A free download of this great tool is one of the prizes in Talkin’ Birds Mystery Bird contests.

Bird Watcher's General Store is owned and operated by bird expert Mike O'Connor. (Read more about Mike on our Contributors page.) The store sells everything from bird bath brushes to hummingbird feeders, as well as bird-themed gifts and all kinds of bird books. Mike has offered advice on attracting birds to your backyard on Talkin' Birds since the beginning of the show in 2006!

BirdWatching Magazine is North America’s premier magazine about wild birds and birding. Readers — backyard birders to expert bird watchers — enjoy the beautiful photography and helpful information about discovering, attracting, identifying and understanding birds. Subscriptions are available via printed magazine or as digital editions through iTunes, Kindle, Nook and Google Play.

Peter Kilham, an engineer, artist, and inventor, was also an avid backyard birder and invented the first tubular bird feeder. Droll Yankees creates innovative approaches to bird feeding, benefiting both the birds and their watchers. Droll Yankees provided a generous grant to help Talkin' Birds get started in 2006, and since then they've provided bird feeders to the winners of the Mystery Bird Contest every week.


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a world leader in the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds, and works to encourage engagement with and protection of birds and the natural world. The Cornell Lab created and oversees eBird — the largest worldwide citizen-science database of bird sightings, as well as the free smartphone app Merlin Bird ID, which can help you identify a bird based on its colors, rough size, where you saw it and when, and what it was doing. The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology provides all bird vocalizations used on Talkin' Birds for the Featured Feathered Friend segment and the Mystery Bird Contest.


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