Ambassador Tips and Tricks

We asked our seasoned Talkin’ Birds Ambassadors what strategies they use to hand out our info cards; their suggestions are below to give you some ideas!

Don’t forget, being a Talkin’ Birds Ambassador is supposed to be fun – you’re not under any obligation to hand out a certain number of cards. These are just ideas in case you were unsure of ways to help us share the word about birds and conservation!

Remember to carry a few cards with you when anticipating opportunities to hand them out. I leave a few in my car and near our back door for when I leave the house.

– Rich C., Middleboro, Massachusetts

Ideas for individuals you meet

I weave Talkin’ Birds into chatter while birding.  I’ll use an interesting fact or perspective from the show and then credit Talkin’ Birds.  Then I hand out the card(s). 

– Gerry P., Lake City, Florida

I mention Talkin’ Birds in conversations with bird/nature/environmental/podcast people whenever it's appropriate.

– Adrielle M., Rochester, New York

A couple of times, people have actually asked about the Talkin’ Birds patch on my spotting scope cover. That’s the easy one, their curiosity is piqued, so I just hand them a card.

– Ed M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I hand out my cards to my coworkers and some friends I know who are interested in nature. At work it wasn't hard at all because we have a table where people post information.

  – Maryanne G., West Sayville, New York

I hand out the cards in the Refuge visitor center and put them out at the front desk.  I constantly talk up Talkin’ Birds to anyone who will listen and to many who are trying to ignore me! 

  – Ken L., Silver Spring, Maryland

Ideas for groups you’re involved in

I always put the show on when we car pool on bird trips. So far all enjoy the show.

  – Gerry P., Lake City, Florida

I hand cards out on bird walks. Sometimes I bring up something from the show to get people talking. Other times if I’m with someone who listens, we’ll start discussing something on the show. Usually something Mike has said!

 – Ed M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have mostly been giving folks the cards while I am participating in weekly day hikes and bicycle rides in season. I usually bring up Talkin’ Birds during our lunch breaks or while walking beside someone during the hikes. I don't hand them out when people are busy or have no chance to put the card in a safe pocket they will recall it is in. 

– Rich C., Middleboro, Massachusetts

I hand out the cards during my nature photography workshops that I run. I mention the program to my students as another way to have fun learning about birds and nature.      

– Jim C., Leesburg, Virginia

On bird walks I just pass out cards. If someone is not interested no problem; I find someone else to talk to.

  – Michael B., Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

I am on the Board of a bird club and every time we have an event or speaker I get up and mention the show. I also have a stack of cards in both of our cars so we can be sure to pass them out if we happen to talk to anyone who might be interested.  Sometimes I just run into friends in town who strike up a bird conversation and I whip out a card!

   – Candy P., Jamestown, Rhode Island

Ideas for introverts!

I distribute cards the tried-and-true introvert's way:  placing them where they will be noticed such as the membership check-in area of my local birder club at monthly meetings and literature tables at the college where I teach. I've also put a few on bulletin boards around town.

 – Adrielle M., Rochester, New York

I posted the link to Talkin’ Birds on my Facebook page.

  – Bill K., Barrington, Rhode Island

I often slide the Talkin' cards between the 40-pound black sunflower seed bags at my local Tractor Supply Co. Not sure they appreciate that if ever known, but knowing dozens of potential Talkin' Birds listeners got 'em that way is fine by me!

 – Randy J., Austin, Texas


Collated by Freya McGregor, Talkin’ Birds Ambassador-in-Chief, May 2019.
Please email your ideas to … and thanks for being an Ambassador!