Senior Producer Debbie Blicher joined Talkin' Birds in 2015. She manages our social media, appears in the "Science Corner" segments, writes the newsletter and “Debbie’s Blog,” produces our Podcast Extras, and handles whatever random things pop up. She’s also a print editor and published essayist. If you’re looking for her, she’s probably outside.

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Mike O'Connor owns the Bird Watcher's General Store in Orleans, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. He's the Mike from Talkin' Birds' "Let's Ask Mike" segment and the author of Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me? and Why Don’t Woodpeckers Get Headaches? When The New York Times recently asked famed author and linguist Steven Pinker to name some of the "great writing stylists of our time," he mentioned Mike!


Ambassador-In-Chief Freya McGregor is the newest addition to the Talkin’ Birds team. Originally from Australia, she’s an Occupational Therapist by trade and is particularly interested in nature-based therapy. She works to promote Talkin’ Birds with bird clubs and Audubon chapters and within our wonderful team of Ambassadors. She manages our Instagram account, @talkinbirds, plays with our website and teaches us how to talk Australian!


Mark Duffield is Executive Producer Emeritus of Talkin' Birds. For ten years, Mark was the director of business development for WGBH, Boston’s premier public television and radio station in Boston. Mark has also been an owner of Boston gift shop Blackstone's of Beacon Hill, and a fisherman. Mark is the author of two children's books, The Last Shepard and As I Recall: Fireflies in the Night.