Mark Duffield is the executive producer of Talkin' Birds. For ten years Mark was the director of business development for WGBH, the premier public television and radio station in Boston. Mark has also been an owner of Blackstone's of Beacon Hill, a unique gift shop in Boston's historic neighborhood, and a fisherman. Mark is the author of two children's books, The Last Shepard and As I Recall: Fireflies in the Night.


Senior producer Debbie Blicher joined the Talkin' Birds staff in 2015. In addition to helping with social media and outreach, she appears in the Talkin' Birds "Science Corner" segment, writes the blog, and produces the "podcast extras." When she isn't talkin' birds, spends as much time as possible kayaking and learning musical instruments.

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Charlotte Wasylik is a contributor to Talkin' Birds with her segment "Charlotte's Web-log." She is an avid birder and chicken-keeper on her family's farm in Alberta, Canada. She also writes a bird blog called Prairie Birder and is an advocate for young birders. Her involvement with Talkin' Birds started with a call into the Mystery Bird contest in 2010, when she was just 13 years old. (She got it right, of course.)

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Mike O'Connor owns the Bird Watcher's General Store in Orleans, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. He's the Mike from Talkin' Birds' "Let's Ask Mike" segment and the author of Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me?. When The New York Times recently asked famed author and linguist Steven Pinker to name some of the "great writing stylists of our time," he mentioned Mike!

Dr. Rufus Towhee is the Talkin' Birds resident bird anatomy consultant and featured presenter of Bird Word of the Week.