The Connecticut Warbler: Migration Marathoner

Debbie Blicher is Senior Producer of Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds.

The Connecticut Warbler was our Featured Feathered Friend on a recent show. We described it; pointed out how a Sean Connery character misidentified it in a major motion picture (Finding Forrester); and talked about the fact that the bird is named for a state where it’s not often found. But we’ve since learned something new and amazing about the Connecticut Warbler, thanks to a story in the August issue of BirdWatching Magazine. The story quotes bird biologist Emily McKinnon about new evidence that the Connecticut accomplishes feats of migratory flight similar to those of the Blackpoll Warbler, which is a North American migration champion. The new research shows that, like the Blackpoll, the Connecticut Warbler travels long distances non-stop over the Atlantic Ocean on its journey to its South American wintering grounds, flying for at least 48 straight hours over the bounding main—and that’s only part of the trip! Check out the article for all the details. 

Connecticut Warbler.jpg