OMG! Birding Abbreviations

Go into the field with a flock of birders and you may hear abbreviations you've never heard before. "FOS"? First of season. "BOP"?  Bird of prey. Odd as they might sound, abbreviations are useful for jotting notes in a field journal with minimal time lost. Here are a few others that might be new to you. For example:

LBJ = Little brown job. (We have also heard this as "LBB" = little brown bird.)

UFR = Unidentified flying raptor. 

BVD = Better view desired. (No, not the long underwear).

Besides these general field abbreviations, there are also species abbreviations, such as:

TUVU or TV = Turkey Vulture.

MODO = Mourning Dove.

RWBL = Red-Winged Blackbird. 

We wonder whether birds have abbreviations for us. We imagine ones like these:

MTN = Much too noisy.

SGB = Squinty guy with binoculars. 

SYC = Shivering, yawning, and complaining.

For more species abbreviations, check out the Birding Species list at the American Ornithological Union. As for general field abbreviations, well, you might just have to PTUOYO (= pick them up on your own).