Hudsonian Godwit

The First Hudsonian Godwit in San Diego County

from Talkin’ Birds Ambassador Rodney Gast, San Diego, CA

The first ever recorded Hudsonian Godwit made an appearance in San Diego County this week. The discovery was made by legendary birder Guy McCaskie, marking his 500th bird for the County. The American Birding Association wrote an article on the event, and local birder Anthony “TooFly” made a video, which is below.

Birders from Arizona and surrounding counties have made the long drive in hopes of checking this bird off their life list. Meeting and talking with them has been a joy.

As a new birder and Talkin Birds Ambassador, I wanted to share this rare event with the Talkin’ Birds community. The excitement generated by this sighting has been an experience I won’t forget. It has strengthened my passion for birding and I am eager for the next rarity to makes its appearance.