On Radio Live (Sundays 9:30am ET:) 950 AM Boston -- 95.9 FM South Shore, MA -- 106.1FM/1450 AM North Shore, MA
On Radio Delayed: 590 AM Boston Sunday at 8am ET -- 94.1 FM/860 AM Western MA Sunday at 9am ET -- 1370 AM Southwest VT Thursday at 9am ET -- 1530 AM Southeast MA Thursday at 9am ET -- 95.9 FM So. R.I./Southeast CT Saturday at 8am ET-- 980 AM Lowell Saturday at 9:30am ET -- 91.9 FM/1020 AM Northwest CT Sunday at 4:30pm ET -- 91.7 FM Southwest MA Sunday at 4:30pm ET -- 88.1 FM Southeast NY Sunday at 4:30pm ET

Online Live Stream: 959WATD.COM Sundays at 9:30am ET Download Archived Shows: You can download all shows in MP3 from our Tumblr page.
Podcast Subscription: If you'd like to subscribe to our feed, please download a podcasting client, such as iTunes, Juice, Yamipod on a PC or Mac, and gPoddler, Podracer under Linux / Unix. To subscribe, copy and paste this address: http://www.talkinbirds.com/podcast/feed.xml into your podcasting client.
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